History of Nikolaev

Nikolaev fenced stone wall of tramps and thieves with the eastern boundary

Nikolaev, Mykolayiv, Mykolajiv
“Good doubly good when it is short” – so says a Spanish writer of the 17th century Balthasar Gracian. All of our past and present life consists of small events, which in themselves do not mean anything for the story, but are so small touch, and without which the great event – not an event.

We decided to collect these little stories of the past of our city, famous people, and just interesting facts in a small selection. Today – the first issue. Everything you read is really going on, and how to interpret the old – a private matter.

Nikolaev. Mykolayiv, Mykolajiv

Nikolaev. Mykolayiv, Mykolajiv

Admiral Greig kleytuha sought

Nikolaev. Mykolayiv, Mykolajiv

Nikolaev. Mykolayiv, Mykolajiv

Nikolaev was pretty funny anecdote. Cannon shot from the pier, heralding the afternoon, departing wad hit the standing beside aground camellias, and that burned.

Meanwhile, spotted the culprit, terrified wife watch Kamel, hastily ran to Admiral (This happened during A.S.Greyga) with explanations that are not from the missteps hour, her husband, burned camellias, and burned them kleytuh (gag from tissue).

Admiral, not quite familiar with the local language, ordered him to find kleystuha, taking the word of the name.

As hobo robbed residents of Nikolaev

Nikolaev. Mykolayiv, Mykolajiv

Nikolaev. Mykolayiv, Mykolajiv

Until Admiral Greig eastern part of the city enclosing the space of more than two miles wooden slingshots. Through this weak barrier waded vagrants, plundered and robbed the residents almost with impunity, and state property repeatedly battered them at this outpost.

Assemblage undocumented before was great that house searches hundreds of them seized. Protecting people and property from theft treasury interest, Greig, with the consent of the head and the citizens approved on a space slingshots to hold a stone wall; therefore, some comments that the wall without a purpose built, unfair.

Admiral Greig yacht ran

Admiral Greig on the yacht “Joy” from the back of the squadron in Nikolayev, was Minor Korenihu and narrowness met nasty SW (south – west, south – west wind – NP), quite fresh; he ordered a maneuver, but the yacht when gusty winds little fed forward. Not wanting to remain at anchor, the admiral himself was at the wheel, send commands to the rotation, and two hours later the yacht was anchored Spassky. Greig on the flagship in the squadron and on other ships that required experienced its practical guidance in the management of the courts often did.

Philip Weigel met and Alexei Greig and his wife

Twice visited me Fedorov, and about Admiral Greig [chief of the Black Sea Fleet] had neither hearing nor spirit: every Englishman is more or less considered himself a lord. Despite being familiar with him, I did not want to leave Nikolaev, not appearing to him, and 26 (January 1828) in the morning went to my reverence to my sulky mistress.

Nikolaev. Mykolayiv, Mykolajiv

Julia M. Greig

At the entrance I met a servant who said that the admiral in the half, and went to see me there. That was half the yard long extension to the main building structure. Upon entering the front of the servant told me that I can go without a report. I do not know, or go watch me incorrect, or in the coastal cities had dinner then even much earlier than in the provincial, only in the first room I have already found a set table, and another lady, and half a dozen men, all seafarers. Confusion Greig was perhaps stronger than I felt in myself. Frowning sullenly, without saying a word to me, he turned to the lady and through the teeth called me by family name. “Oh, my God! Oh, how glad I am! How many of you have heard about how long wanted to meet you, and finally unintentional case seems to want us to pull together. “That exclamation ladies, which I hardly had time to answer a bow. One must explain the reasons for such oddities.
Nikolaev. Mykolayiv, Mykolajiv

This house at the intersection of ul. Decembrists and Makarov lived future wife of Admiral

In Novorossiysk edge all knew that Greig has a mistress – Jewess and that little by little, one by one, all the women servants in the Black Sea Fleet began to ride it like a legal wife of Admiral. It does not show the carriageway, especially hiding from Vorontsov, and people around him, not willingly, but at the request of Greig. Curiosity about this mysterious woman was brought to the extreme, and therefore learn the details of all incidents of her former life. Just as Potocki, she was first a servant in the tavern jew named Leah or a simple name Lakey. She was beautiful, smart and skill like making money. When charms steel removed and delivered their incomes decrease, she already had a decent capital, with whom he had found a husband, former captain of the Polish troops Kulchinskaya. It was necessary to change his faith; with the adoption of binding. baptism to continue the name Leah she added, only the letter “U” and became Yulia Mikhailovna. After some time, following the Polish tradition, she divorced him, and under the pretext of the sale of a combatant ship timber arrived in Nikolaev. With anyone except the superior, she did not want to have anything to do, has made meeting with him, then to the other, and to the third.
Nikolaev. Mykolayiv, Mykolajiv

View of the city of Nikolayev 1799. Fedor Alekseev

Like all people with excessive pride that fear of failure in love affairs Greig was terribly shy; it has reduced by two-thirds the way for him to succeed. She wanted to show his superbly triumph; of pleasing proudly admiral, who was ashamed of her weakness, she lived alone and first for boredom hosted small clerk; but soon the whole town, or rather, the entire fleet wished to meet with her. She masterfully led his business, did not give to feel the shackles imposed by it, and cautiously walked towards his goal, wedlock. It was even said that he has committed, and that it has two children; then do not understand why it was so long to hide it.

Justifying and inadvertent indiscretion, I composed the blame on the servant, and Julia M. said she did not scold him, and thanks must. Himself Alex Samoylovich seeing my courteous, friendly, although free treatment with her, began to smile and made at dinner, in her appearance, nothing was Jewish; coquetry and the courage it more like a petty Polish Panya, just as they did not know foreign languages, and with the Polish accent well and cleverly expressed in Russian.

Nikolaev. Mykolayiv, Mykolajiv

House of the Black Sea Fleet commander

How fun in the house of Admiral Greig

… Little by little I started sbiraetsya in the road when a courier came to me with an invitation Samoilovych Alexis and Julia Mikhailovna joining them for the evening, dance and masquerade 28th. I not want to neglect to pay for the courtesy, and the curiosity to see Nikolaev society in all its splendor prevailed over debt. Ten days before I saw Odessa, but he could not judge the great difference between them, not being familiar with anyone.

Several elderly men and power, as well as their mistress sat sedately in silence; ladies same ofitseriki danced without memory. Masks were not, and only two or three costumed frame. The women were all dressed very well and decently in the fashion, and Mrs. Julia assured me that all she had learned to dress and what they seemed to her a freak. She herself, dressed like Magdeburg petty bourgeois, first performed under the blanket; led her by the arm adjutant Admiral Vavilov, also wearing a German craftsman, who is very funny peredrazhnival their mangled and Russian.

Facial Greig was not visible neither pleasure nor boredom, and he paced, with very few people join in the conversation. Strongly aroused in me a surprise with his presence one person in Capuchin dress; He was not dressed up, but a real bearded Capuchin, Father Martin, a Catholic chaplain of the Black Sea Fleet; Just strange to see a monk at the ball. It was pretty fun, looking at most of the revelers, who seemed quite happy.

Excerpts from “Notes” Philip Vigel
(famous writer of the time, the author of the scandalous stories because of whom had to leave Bessarabia and then Kerch).

Nikolaev. Mykolayiv, Mykolajiv

Greig Monument for services to the city

How A.S.Greyg goodbye to the residents of Nikolaev

“The citizens of the city of Nikolaev.

Day parting with you, dear citizens, feelings abound in my heart unspeakable and eternal gratitude to the unparalleled zeal, affection and your love to me, with which, above my expectations, I had the good fortune to enjoy in excess of your unforgettable treat. It will stay in my heart the sweetest memories of all those can provide me the happiest days of my life leaked.

So, dear citizens, I can not find words to the exposition of. You quite sincerely my feelings of gratitude I owe koeyu so flattering to your location to me: I still tokmo assure you that I was almost my first wish to make in the future, how many will depend on me, my efforts on precious to me your well-being, so that the though often justify the high praise that I was showered in pronouncing the name of your speeches, and that many exceeded my merits.

God be upon you the blessing of the Almighty and may bestow upon you the L-rd longevity and prosperity, which sincerely wishes you a dedicated and honor you yours, sir, humble servant, Admiral Greig. September 9, 1833 “.

Who else is so grateful for the cooperation of the residents of the city?
flowers to Nikolaev

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