Do you know that…

Do you know that…
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1. Nikolaev Astronomical Observatory is located in the city center at an altitude of 52 meters above sea level. This is the highest point of the city.
2. Century Nikolaev noted in 1890.

3. In 1964, the executive committee of the Nikolaev City Council of People’s Deputies decided to establish a commemorative medal “born in Odessa.”

4. Regularly day city were carried out with 1982.

5. The first ship built at the “Ocean” was dumb barge.

6. Battleship “Potemkin” was built at the Nikolayev plants “Nawal” and “Russud” and being completed in Sevastopol.

7. The first Nikolaev newspaper, which he called “Nikolaev Bulletin”, published in 1865.

8. The first stone pavement laid in Nikolayev in 1818, the year.

9. Admiral Greig Nikolaev was enclosed by a stone wall, a total length of 1,457 yards (just over three kilometers).
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10. The longest avenue in Nikolaev - the Avenue of October. Its length of over 15 kilometers.
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11. The first 45 years of the city of Nikolaev its streets had no names and got them only in 1835.

12. Varvarovs’s bridge first was built in Nikolayev in 1855 during the Crimean War. It was wooden, pontoon and served 109 years.

13. Absolutely all the aircraft carriers of the Soviet Union built in Nikolayev.

14. Ship Nikolaev district established in 1974 after joining Zhovtnevoe city and is the youngest district.

15. Peninsula Alaud in Nikolaev is named in honor of the descendants of the Italian merchant Luigi Aliaudi, whose farm was located on these lands in the nineteenth century.

16. Missile tract in Nikolaev got its name from being here plants producing combat and flares for the army.

17. The movement of the electric tram in Nikolaev began December 21, 1914.

18. The first trolleybus in Nikolaev launched October 29, 1967 through the train station – trolleybus park.

19. Nikolaev Astronomical Observatory was founded in 1821.

20. During the 18 years of Odessa and the Black Sea Fleet led by the famous discoverer of Antarctica – Admiral M.P. Lazarev.
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21. Natural gas held in Nikolaev in 1963.

22. The headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet 100 years was located in Nikolaev.

23. The first theater in Odessa opened 175 years ago on the streets of Moscow.

24. Nikolaev Building Observatory is oriented strictly to the directions of the compass, and the main façade is directed exactly to the north.

25. The famous seascape painter I.K. Aivazovsky twice hosted its exhibitions in Nikolaev.

26. In 1802, was created Mykolaiv region with the center in Mykolaiv, which lasted only one year.

27. Part of the filming children’s film director Georgy Danelia “Hopelessly Lost” on the novel by Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” was held in Odessa in 1969 near the river station.
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31. 225 years of Nikolaev number of its inhabitants increased almost 3.5 thousand. Times, that is approximately 2.2 thousand. People annually.

32. Konstantinovsky battery – an artificial island Nikolaev, rolled in like a fortification, which has never sounded any defensive shot.

33. The first acquaintance with the cinema Nikolaev was held in 1896.

34. At the beginning of the twentieth century on the site of a long-distance bus station was located the town dump.

35. The first coat of Nikolayev was approved Oct. 7, 1803. In the history of the city coat of arms was changed three times.

36. The first builder and citizen Nikolaev M.L. Faleev was in the merchant class, despite the fact that his position gave awards and entitled to the nobility.

37. For the construction of the first ship, the frigate “St. Nicholas” was spent 218 thousand. Rubles in silver.
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41. In 1924, the city of Nikolayev offered renamed Vernoleninsk.

42. Nikolaev never renamed Artillery Street, Sebastopol, Embankment, Engineering and Malaya Morskaya.

43. Most often, renamed the street Navarino. Only five times.

44. The numbers “283″ on the tower tank T-34, standing at the intersection of Lenin Avenue and the streets Komsomolskaya mean the day of liberation of Nikolaev from Nazi invaders – 28 March 1944.

45. April 18, 1902 in Nikolaev was born Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, known as the 7th Lubavitcher Rebbe, one of the most prominent Jewish figures of the XX century.

46. ​​Monument to sailor Shevchenko construction Ignatius College (the former barracks of the sailors), opened in 1874, was the first monument of lower rank in the whole of Russia.

47. Mykolaiv yacht “Icarus” was the first yacht in the Soviet Union, whose team made the circumnavigation, having rounded Cape Horn.

48. Before the conquest of the Turkish fortress Haji-Bey, the founder of Odessa Joseph de Ribas living in Nikolaev. His house was located at the intersection of St. Nicholas and Navarino.

49. The first house on the “Dry Fountain” was laid July 3, 1926, beginning the base of the new district of the city.

50. In a few minutes the old railway station turned into Odessa Nikolayev Station. It happened in the TV series “Liquidation”, in frames of farewell Leonid Utesov with Odessa.

51. The configuration of the above-ground part of the building has views of Mykolayiv Observatory pyramid.

52. All the sailing ships of the Black Sea fleet, defeated the Turkish fleet in the Battle of Sinop in 1853, it was built in Nikolayev.
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38. The first public school was opened in Nikolaev, January 8, 1863.
Persha public schools has been viewed vіdkrita in Mikolaєvі 8 sіchnya 1863 roku.

39. The first call in Nikolayev rang January 1, 1890.
Purshia phone dzvіnok in Mikolaєvі prodzvenіv 1 sіchnya 1890 roku.

40. In the early days of its formation, the plant “Zorya” (Concern “Zorya-Mashproekt”) issued armored bed nets.
On Becoming zori Svoge factory “Zorya” (Concern “Zorya-Mashproekt”) vipuskav pantsirnі sіtki for lіzhok.

28. Zero the stocks in the Black Sea Shipyard was the largest in Europe, and above it are two cranes of 900 tons each.

29. The first was built in Nikolayev ship, the frigate “Saint Nicholas”, served only 11 years, after which it was sold in Naples for 11.5 thousand. Ducats.

30. The first official head of Nikolayev in 1795 became mayor – a collegiate assessor Voronkovsky and first commandant of the city – Colonel Vyazemskij.

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