Cathedral Nativity Virgin Nikolaev

Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin 205 years
The construction of temples in Nikolaev began simultaneously with its base. The first was the “jungle home in any church”. In 1790, the first builder of Nikolaev M.L.Faleev built a wooden church in the name of St. Nikolaev, and in 1794, on the orders of Prince G.A. Potemkin, on the high bank of the Ingul, not far from the Admiralty was also a new large stone church.

In the same year in the former government buildings, for members of the Navy Department of the Catholic religion was organized Catholic Church – a church.

In 1794, in order to expand Nikolaev, construction Office Engineer Colonel Ivan Knyazev took “in the country for the future of the church a place the size of a quarter”, where he was laid three-altar Orthodox Church.

But then the small communities of merchants and burghers Nikolaev clearly overestimated their strength and capabilities, and did not want to have a temple so far from the city (roughly at the present main avenue).

The community appealed to I.I.Knyazevu for permission to build somewhere closer at least a temporary church. In 1799 permission was granted, a new location shielded by a stone wall and the forces of merchants, burghers and commoners was laid stone odnoprestolnaya Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Initiator and builder of the church was Archpriest Carp Pavlovsky. The church building had thick walls of hewn stone-rakushnyaka mined in a quarry near the village of Ternovka.

In 1803, 25 Nikolaev of merchants and burghers have agreed to a reception at the church for the vacant position of the priest Dmitry Buhnevicha.
Mykolaiv city developed rapidly, its population grew and the number of Orthodox citizens. By decision of the ecclesial community through donations of merchants and burghers in 1828 was attached to the church two chapels. The main altar was dedicated to the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, levyyv honor of Saints Constantine and Helen, and the right – in honor of St. Mitrophan Voronezh.

Columns in the temple were gilded. From 1828, the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary has been approved by the diocesan cathedral city. People called it the Merchant.

In 1846, the elder of the Cathedral of diligence honorary citizen F.I.Soboleva and his assistant merchant Klimenko for 5190 rubles was purchased cast in Moscow church bell weighing 513 pounds and 35 pounds (more than 8 tons.).

In 1879, the church built a majestic bell tower 36 meters high and set her apart from the main six bells weighing 109 pounds, 9 pounds, 5 pounds, 3 pounds and two 2 pounds.
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When the bell starts to ring main, then all the houses adjacent streets rattled the window panes, it tocsin was heard ringing in the Epiphany, Korenihe, Varvarovka, Matveevka, Ternovca, Meshkovke and bells of the churches included in the overall festive chime – evangelism.
In the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary from 1854 to 1898 carried the word of God congregation Archpriest Grigory Semenenko, while acting as scribes in the educational institutions of the city.
In 1898, in the yard of the cathedral at the expense of merchants had built a large brick two-storey building diocesan audience with 1000 seats, which is systematically carried out for all religious conversation, eager to “the words of life” with the show “shadow pictures”, the cathedral choir sang songs in music and Bortnyansky other composers.

In 1908 the church was renovated dome crosses.
In 1922, according to the decree “On the separation of church and state and school from church” Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary with all its property under a contract with Nikolaev City Council of Deputies passed a religious community. From the contract it is clear that the cathedral was very rich, there were a lot of old icons.
When the same happened in 1922 the confiscation of church property in the famine relief fund, the community has put most of the cathedral churches of the city – 172 kilograms of silver.

January 31, 1930 from the bell tower of the Cathedral removed all the bells weighing 10.2 tons and non-ferrous metal.
Almost all people believe that the cleaning effect of metal ringing – bells, bells.
Confirmed the wisdom of our ancestors of modern biology. It is proved that the low-frequency vibrations and infrasound bells contribute to the destruction of pathogens – streptokok, cholera sticks, and other bacteria. Eniologi added: sound even a little bell not only disperse stagnant energy, but also brings healing vibration. He makes resonate every cell of the human body, every object in the house and unites all in a harmonious whole.

Did not know if the members of the “Union of Atheists” have done, continuing to lead the fight against militant religion. Since the beginning of the thirties began to close across the country churches of all denominations.
November 8, 1936 has been closed and the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin. Before the Great Patriotic War in the church cool movie. During the Nazi occupation, the church gave believers.

In 1946, the Cathedral gave the Odessa Military District and in it a garrison house officers.
In August 1991, Ukraine became an independent state. The first popularly elected president of Ukraine issued a decree L.M.Kravchuk about returning religious communities religious buildings. Nikolaev returned to the building of the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin and December 18, 1991 and Bishop Nicholas of Kirovograd. Basil consecrated the church returned to the bosom of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Was appointed rector of Boris Kashirin.

As unattractive as the community took an ancient temple. The bell tower was destroyed when the bell was removed in 1930, and later destroyed the dome above the main altar.

In February 1992, a group of enthusiasts led by former designer of the House of officers A.V.Krutikova involving E.G.Kazantseva, V.M.Chizhova B.E.Krymchaka and creates a temporary iconostasis of the cathedral.

On July 9, 1993 Mykolayiv diocese headed by His Eminence Archbishop Pitirim. Thanks to its vigorous action, with the help of enterprises and institutions in the city in a short time have been restored in its original form bell tower, restored dome above the main altar, made great restoration work within. Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary to his 205 th anniversary took majestic views worthy of the main temple in our area.
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