Mykolayiv Regional Art Museum. V. Vereshchagin – 100 years

Mykolayiv Regional Art Museum. V. Vereshchagin – 100 years

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Vereshchagin Museum

Vereshchagin Museum is now located in one of the finest buildings of our city – Nikolaev, who is not just an ordinary building and architectural monument of the second half of the nineteenth century. It was created in 1914 as a monument to a great well-known Russian battle painter Nicholas local members of the Society of Fine Arts. Big and possible assistance in this case had a good artist I.E. Repin, which is very highly valued any creativity V.V. Vereshchagin.

The museum’s collection before

First, the museum’s collection included works that were transferred to the famous Academy of Fine Arts, Museum of Russian great Alexander III, as well as personal belongings of the V.V. Vereshchagin.

Over time, it was replenished works from private collections, paintings R.G. Sudkovskogo. Before World War II collection consisted of more than a thousand miraculous works, but in the years of Nazi occupation directly our beautiful museum named Vereshchagin was brutally and savagely robbed.

In the postwar years, the museum reopened in a small beautiful old mansion. He added works V.V. Vereshchagin, IK works Aivazovsky, R.G. Sudkovskogo and many other artists. In 1986 he moved to a larger building.

Contemporary museum Vereshchagin

Now the museum Vereshchagin come from more than 9 thousand works of art. Most of the collection consists of painting battle-pieces.

The brightest describe his work fighting. Also here the works of A.Venetsianov Briullov, V.Serov, etc. In addition, the museum Vereshchagin constantly operate all kinds of exhibitions, open new exhibitions.

Mykolayiv Oblast Art Museum. V.Vereshchagin (first name – “Museum of Fine Arts. V.Vereshchagin”) – one of the oldest art museums in Ukraine. It was founded in 1914. The initiator of the museum was the philanthropist, educator, social activist, sculptor, Prince MA Gedroyts that combined Nicholas artists and lovers of the Society of Fine Arts named after V.Vereshchagin. Museum was opened on June 6, 1914 – the day of the 10th anniversary of the tragic death on the battleship “Petropavlovsk” Vice-Admiral SO Makarov and VV painter of battle-pieces Vereshchagin.

The first collection of the museum was located in the former home of the guardhouse of the military departments (sea trial), which was leased to the museum for 12 years. The basis of the museum exhibition totaled 148 paintings, sketches and paintings – works by V. Vereshchagin transferred to the Russian Museum of Emperor Alexander III. Son V.Vereshchagin donated personal belongings of the artist that made ​​it possible to recreate the environment the study of the artist. Academy of Art Museum donated 29 works of famous artists. The museum has become a successful run schools and courses draw where the first months of the enrollment of 120. Also for adults were organized classes in carpet production.

After opening and departure of Prince M.A. Giedroyc custodian of funds and official first director was appointed artist, educator, social activist, secretary of the Society of Fine Arts Acting Murzanova.

After 1917, the museum works well replenished from nationalized private collections, paintings RG Sudkovskoho (transferred in 1924 from Ochakov brother of the artist), the works of Soviet artists, who came from the Ukrainian Committee on the Arts. In those days the museum’s director was an artist O. Khanykov.

Unfortunately, in these years, the museum, and many other similar establishments, not bypassed the process of dividing and combining different profiles museums, move items from one collection to another museum things in different institutions and organizations where they were used to decorate the interiors.

Work on the return of museum values ​​markedly intensified with the appointment in 1927 of a new head of the museum – A.A.Rittiha. His trusted assistant in this case was the T.P.Murzanova, who worked as a guide.

Thanks to the efforts of the public museum in the mid-20s was not evicted from the premises guardhouse. However, after the departure of A.A.Rittiha to Alma-Ata in the house where the museum. V. Vereshchagin, moved also historical and archaeological museum. However, in August 1934 the city council passed a resolution to transfer the Museum of Fine Arts named after V. Vereshchagin in the former church of St. Joseph.

The former museum building was given accommodation at the command-political composition of the garrison troops and families shipwrights shipyard of A. Marty (now JSC “Black Sea Shipbuilding Plant”). In 1937 the building was destroyed guardhouse, and in its place established area. During this time as director of the museum were V.F.Nesterov, V.V.Bartsevych.

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In 1938 by the decision of the People’s Commissariat of Education Management SSR museum was named Regional Art Museum named after V.Vereshchagin Nikolaev. His exposure to the start of the war housed in a converted Roman Catholic church on the corner of Hlazenapivskoyi and Catholic (now – the Decembrists and Admiral Makarov). Director of the museum was the V.M.Yakovlev.

The end of 1940, the entire collection of the museum was 850 paintings and sculptures, 68 samples of stylish furnishings, carpets and other 16 handicrafts. The museum continued to grow. In early 1941 there were previously unknown collection. At this time he moved into new premises on the street Spassky, 34, where he is a merchant’s house (now – Spassky, 22).

On the eve of World War II museum’s collection numbered nearly a thousand pieces. During the Nazi occupation of the museum was looted. Of all the museum rarities after the liberation of Nikolaev left 20 paintings, 16 sculptures and 34 furniture exhibits.

In 1945, the museum has resumed. It was found some pieces V.V.Vereshchagin, personal things, work I.Aivazovsky, R.G.Sudkovskoho, M.N.Antokol’skii and other artists.

Great help in shaping the post-war collections provided Kyiv Museum of Russian Art, Kyiv Museum of Western and Eastern Art, Odessa Art Museum.
From 1944 to 1957, the museum led by L.P.Tishchenko.

In the 1960s activities of the museum acquires new features. Museum cooperates with private collectors, giving the opportunity to purchase works of the old masters. Come from private collections works O.K.Savrasova, I.I.Tvorozhnykova, MK Roerich, R.G. Sudkovskoho and other artists. During this period, the museum initially led M.F.Makarov, then O.D. Pavlikov, L.Neduzhko.

During 1970 – 1980 the museum’s collection is regularly replenished by proceeds from art exhibitions Directorate of the Ministry of Culture of the USSR, Ukrainian SSR of the Soviet Union, the USSR and other organizations, and private collections. In 1980 – 1990-s years particular attention to refill the museum was given to the artistic traditions of the region. At this time, the museum was the oldest working artist Nicholas D.C.Krainev, R.S. Sokolovsky, S.Starcheus V.I.Firsov and others. For a long time, from 1967 to 1982, led the museum T.K.Volyushkina.

In 1986 the museum moved into a new spacious building at st. Big Marine, 47 – architectural monuments of the nineteenth century, Which previously was located next Nikolaev agency Russian insurance company. Its rooms on the second and third floors of the ensuing national art exhibition, which included paintings, sculpture, decorative arts, graphics. In a separate hall of the museum exhibited the works of Western art. The museum has become a work of art-music room.

In 1982, the department opened in Ochakov painting them. R.G.Sudkovskoho in 1985 – Ascension Art Museum. E.A.Kybryka as parts of the museum. V.Vereshchagin. From 1983 to 2000, and the years of the museum led by G.P.Dem’yanenko.
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Through active collaboration with Nicholas National Union of Artists of Ukraine Museum was enriched by the works of Honored Artist of Ukraine A.P.Zavgorodniy, winner of the National Prize of Ukraine. T.G.Shevchenko A.D.Antonyuks, Honored Artist of Ukraine Yuriy Makushina and other well-known both in Ukraine and far beyond artists.

Today the museum fund has more than 10 thousand exhibits. From 2000 to the present time headed art museum, artist-jeweler S.M. Roslyakov.

March 16, 2002 the museum was awarded a rating of popularity and quality of “Golden Fortune” – a prestigious international academic programs.

That same year, the museum was awarded the gold medal of the Russian Academy of Arts and the Foundation for Storage heritage V.V. Vereshchagin for the restoration works of the artist, storage, promotion of creativity of the artist.

In 2001 with the support of the Nikolaev alumina refinery company “Rusal” museum started a fruitful creative work of Mykolayiv Alumina Plant. The program of restoration of paintings from the museum collection was called “Renaissance masterpieces.”

90th anniversary of the museum took place under the sign of the implementation of the program returning to the U.S. from Ukraine art heritage Krychevskys. It is for collection development works of Nikolai and Vasily Krichevsky in December 2004, the museum was awarded the regional cultural prize. Arkas, and in 2009, the museum was awarded the silver medal of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine. It is a testament to many years of fruitful and content of the museum, public recognition of its extremely important role in the life of the region and Ukraine.

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