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Nikolaev flowers

ORDER NOW My Heart for You From $143 ORDER NOW Confession in Love From $43 ORDER NOW The Traditional Bouquet with Hearts From $42 ORDER NOW Biedermeier Heart Arrangement From $80 ORDER NOW Bouquet with White Roses From $115 ORDER … Continue reading

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Ways Yavornytsky Nikolaev

Ways Yavornytsky A few years ago I came to book a wonderful Ukrainian historian Dmitri Ivanovich Yavornytsky (Evarnytskoho) “the latest in the remains of ancient legends and people.” Eight years of his life he devoted to research Cossack settlements in … Continue reading

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Where I flew our old “IL-18″?

Where I flew our old “IL-18″? Moscow-Magadan, Moscow-Norilsk, Moscow-Khatanga, from Moscow to Cape Schmidt, and even Sochi, Krasnodar, Stavropol, Batumi, Barnaul – this is not the whole list of cities in which happened to be the plane, later turned into … Continue reading

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